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A titanium-iron oxide mineral with a crystal structure similar to those in hematite and corundum, Ilmenite sand has use cases in manufacturing, titanium dioxide production, paints and stone cutting. Ilmenite is available from GMA, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Ilmenite sand is used in the manufacturing of metal components that require durability at a lighter weight.

Use cases for Ilmenite sand include the downstream manufacturing of aircraft engine parts, in sporting equipment such as bike frames, and in the medical sector for the fabrication of artificial joints.

This specialty mineral is often combined with titanium where creating a high-performance alloy is a priority. Unlike magnetite, which it closely resembles, ilmenite sand is only ever weakly magnetic.


Titanium Dioxide Production

Ilmenite sand is used in the production of titanium dioxide and its derivatives.

A primary application of this specialty mineral is in the production of synthetic rutile, a type of titanium dioxide that is highly valued for its whitening properties.

Industrial use cases include leveraging these derivatives in any product that needs a bright, white quality, including paints, papers, plastics, and toothpaste.

Titanium Dioxide

Lapidary and Stone Cutting

Ilmenite is used to create titanium dioxide powders that are then leveraged in lapidary work due to their precise particle sizes.

These powders provide lapidarists with a low-cost way to polish stone and can be used in everything from lapping to faceting stones.

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