Blast Abrasives

GMA NewSteel™

Unrivalled speed in mill scale removal. GMA NewSteel is the most efficient and cost effective abrasive for thin coating and light rust removal.

GMA NewSteel™

40 - 60 µm

Surface profile

Up to 35 m2/hr

Blasting rate

As low as 7 kg/m2

Consumption rate

GMA NewSteel™

Maximize fabrication output and keep costs to a minimum with the quickest mill scale and light rust removal abrasive on the market. 

Faster than other garnets or staroulite, GMA NewSteel provides superior surface cleanliness, a uniform profile, and greater coating adhesion, extending your coating life.

Industry Applications

Oil & gas (onshore and offshore)
Metal fabrication
Construction & infrastructure

Proven performance in surface preparation


High productivity

Cut blasting hours by 40-70%* compared to staurolite or slag abrasives. GMA NewSteel™ performance has been demonstrated through rigorous product testing and a track record of success in applications worldwide.


Cost-effective blasting

Deliver fast results at the lowest cost. GMA Garnet™ can provide significant savings in abrasive consumption, blasting hours, and disposal costs for your project. Overall, garnet sandblasting generally requires 30–50% less product than waste slag.*


Ideal surface finish

GMA NewSteel™ achieves an exceptionally clean surface with high peak density and a uniform surface profile. Our uniquely hard and tough garnet blend ensures the best coating adhesion, nearly 40% better than staurolite.


Safe and compliant

Garnet is a chemically inert natural mineral with little-to-no worker health and safety risks. GMA Garnet™ meets all industry and government safety and environmental standards.


Why engineered blends perform better

GMA’s range of garnet blast abrasives are all engineered blends — a unique mix of coarse and fine garnet grains, achieving the optimal balance between cutting power and cleaning ability to meet a specific industry requirement.

GMA NewSteel™ delivers extremely fast and effective mill scale and light rust removal at very low consumption rate, leaving the cleanest surface ready for inspection and coating.

Blast cost calculator

How much money can the right abrasive save you?

When estimating your abrasive blasting project costs, the abrasive price won’t tell the whole story.

Forecast your profitability with an abrasive cost comparison based on independent third-party analysis. Simply provide project costs and specs, then select a GMA abrasive and an alternative.

Case study

A week’s work in one day with GMA NewSteel™

Apache Industrial Services - A leading industrial coatings contractor - unlocked a 71% productivity increase at 15% less cost by switching from coal slag to GMA NewSteel™.

By switching to GMA Garnet, Apache also lowered abrasive consumption by 50%, and eliminated the health hazards associated with slag abrasives.

newsteel apache case study
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