Abrasive Blasting

Oil & gas blast abrasives

GMA works with major oil & gas asset owners globally to meet the highest standards in surface preparation, ensuring minimal downtime, coating longevity, and asset protection.

Abrasive Blasting

Get a cleaner surface fast, with minimized OSH risks

Choose a safer alternative for asset protection with our high-performing range of garnet abrasives for upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors.


High productivity

Achieve your specified surface profile faster than alternate abrasives.


Low consumption

Complete the job with far less abrasive, reducing costs in abrasive purchase, transport, and disposal.

High Peak Density

High peak density

Generate higher peak density over alternate abrasives for unmatched coating adhesion and integrity.

Surface quality

Low embedment

60% of the average slag-blasted surface is embedded with residual abrasive. Garnet results in minimal embedment.

Hazard mask

Low dust

GMA Garnet™ offers the closest thing to dustless blasting, drastically improving operator visibility and reducing site contamination.


Low safety risk

Garnet is an inert mineral with little to no heavy metals creating worker risks or environmental hazards.


A week's work in one day with GMA NewSteel

When project timelines tightened, a leading industrial coatings contractor unlocked 71% more productivity than waste slag — at 15% less cost.

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Onshore and offshore refineries

Offshore surface preparation presents a number of challenges: harsh environments, remote locations, worker health & safety risks, and environmental contamination risks, to name a few.

That’s why GMA works with asset owners to ensure our blasting abrasives deliver:

  • The required surface profile with high peak density for strong coating adhesion
  • Exceptional surface cleanliness and minimal embedment for optimal substrate integrity and minimized risk of blistering, corrosion, and coating failure
  • High cleaning efficiency to significantly reduce down time
  • Low abrasive consumption to minimize material transport and storage.
Onshore and offshore refineries

Tanks, terminals, and pipelines

GMA Garnet™ is a staple in fabrication and maintenance work due to its high blasting rate and low dust emissions.

  • Performance: Cut and clean coatings faster, and get a consistent surface while using less abrasive media.
  • Low dust: Reduce health & safety risks, and significantly increase operator visibility inside tanks and confined spaces. 
  • Maintenance: Our unique engineered blends are ideal for cleaning heavily pitted steel tank floors and linings.
  • Fabrication: GMA NewSteel™ is the fastest abrasive on the market for hard mill scale removal.
Tanks, terminals, and pipelines

Safely create clean, consistent surfaces

Find out how GMA can produce the range of surface profiles that your protective coatings require — safely, efficiently, and without disrupting your facility.