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GMA's Roadmap to Sustainability: Our 5-Year Commitment

At GMA, we're not just talking about sustainability; we're embedding it into the core of our business practices. The launch of our GMA Sustainability Framework in 2021 was a key milestone, marking our commitment to align with global standards for responsible business practices. This framework is built on four pillars: People, Community, Environment, and Governance, reflecting our dedication to a sustainable future that benefits not just our company but our stakeholders and communities at large.

Our Four Pillars of Sustainability

  • People: Prioritizing the well-being and development of our employees.
  • Community: Engaging and supporting the communities where we operate.
  • Environment: Implementing practices that reduce our environmental impact.
  • Governance: Ensuring ethical, transparent, and accountable business operations.

Progress and Transparency

To ensure we're on the right track, we've established robust reporting processes to monitor our sustainability efforts. This commitment to transparency allows us to align our day-to-day operations with our long-term sustainability goals, ensuring we're accountable not just to ourselves but to our stakeholders and the communities we operate in.

Highlights and Future Steps

We're proud of our journey so far and are eager to share our successes and lessons learned in our upcoming Sustainability Report in 2024. This report will detail our comprehensive approach and the strides we've made towards sustainability, signaling our ongoing commitment to not just meet but exceed our sustainability objectives.

Our Commitment

Our journey towards sustainability is ongoing, but our resolve is unwavering.

Ensuring GMA not only grows responsibly but also contributes positively to our world is one of our ongoing measures of success,” said GMA Group People and Sustainability Manager, Cameron Sargeant.

“Our history in Sustainability commenced in April 2021 when our GMA Sustainability Framework was developed and approved by our board. Since then, we have been active in widening our work in this area as we collectively pursue our aspiration of operating a 'sustainably viable' business.”

Stay tuned for our full Sustainability Report in 2024, where we'll share more about our journey and our plans for a sustainable future.


GMA Sustainability Brochure