Waterjet Garnet

GMA ExcelCut

Our hardest, sharpest waterjet garnet abrasive, ideal for cutting thick or hardened materials, or high-volume waterjet operations.

GMA ExcelCut

50, 80, and 120 mesh


0.020" - 0.060"

Focusing tube

0.007" - 0.018"


GMA ExcelCut

GMA ExcelCut is made of crushed, hard rock almandine garnet - the hardest form of garnet. Its sharp, angular particles provide high performance and precision in the most demanding waterjet cutting applications.

Perfect for maintaining high cutting speeds as well as for thick, brittle, or hard materials such as titanium, steel, and tungsten. It achieves precision cuts at the fastest rates for the most challenging waterjet applications.

Industry Applications

Stone cutting
Glass cutting
Hardened steel
Thick cuts
Metal fabrication

Which mesh size is right for you?

GMA ExcelCut is available in three mesh sizes: 50, 80, and 120. Coarser grades are best for cutting thick or hard materials or in applications that require high precision. Finer grades are ideal for brittle materials like ceramics and glass and eliminate the need for secondary finishing.

ExcelCut 50 0.040″–0.060″ 0.012″–0.018″
ExcelCut 80 0.030″–0.040″ 0.010″–0.014″
ExcelCut 120 0.020″–0.030″ 0.07″–0.010″

Why choose GMA’s waterjet products?

Engineered blends

Secure supply

GMA is the only global garnet supplier to manage their complete supply chain from source and processing to international distribution, giving you minimal disruptions to your consistent supply of garnet.

Quality badge

Consistent quality

Our high standards in processing and quality control ensures each batch contains consistently sized grains of the highest quality almandine garnet. A bag of GMA Garnet™ contains as much as 98% pure garnet. Uncontaminated garnet enables faster cutting and cleaner cuts.


Superior performance

GMA’s waterjet abrasives’ unique grain hardness, density, and toughness ensure the highest production rates and the perfect edge quality with the first cut. Our waterjet garnet can cut virtually any material with a thickness of up to 24 inches.


No oversized grains

GMA Garnet™ has no dust particles or fine grains that hinder garnet flow or oversized grains that block focusing tubes. This means you can count on uninterrupted, efficient cutting from your equipment.


Reduced consumption

Our unique garnet provides the perfect balance between cutting speed and edge quality, requiring less garnet to make the cut while achieving the best edge quality. This results in direct cost savings and a longer operating life for your waterjet equipment.


Disposal and recycling

GMA has invested heavily in innovative ways to reduce landfill and reprocess garnet, with an expanding number of reprocessing facilities opening around the world.

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