Abrasive Blasting

Blast Abrasives for Restoration

GMA's fine garnet blast abrasives deliver precision and control for blast cleaning delicate surfaces in sensitive environments.

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Get a cleaner surface fast, with minimized OSH risks

Used on many of the world's most famous landmarks, our high performance abrasives produce the cleanest surface quickly with little to no risks to workers and the surrounding environment.


High productivity

Produce a cleaner surface faster than alternate abrasives.


Low consumption

Complete the job with far less abrasive, reducing costs in abrasive purchase, transport, and disposal.

High Peak Density

High peak density

Generate a more consistent surface wtih higher peak density over alternate abrasives for unmatched coating adhesion and integrity.

Surface quality

Low embedment

Significantly reduce abrasive embedment in the blasted surface. Garnet results in minimal embedment.

Hazard mask

Low dust

GMA Garnet™ offers the closest thing to dustless blasting, drastically improving operator visibility and reducing site contamination.


Low safety risk

Garnet is an inert mineral with little to no heavy metals creating worker risks or environmental hazards.


Trevi Fountain regains sparkle after precision cleaning with GMA Garnet

The 18th century Baroque monument was in a critical condition due to microbiological and biological attacks, corrosion from the fountain, rainfalls and wind as well as black encrustations from layers of dust, topsoil and dirt.

trevi case study

Safely create clean, consistent surfaces

Find out how GMA can meet your restoration needs safely, efficiently, and with minimal disruption.