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Higher productivity achieved with GMA Garnet™

25,000ft2 of Mill Scale Removed 71% Faster from Tank Exterior using GMA NewSteel™.

Waste slag performance issues had become a major roadblock to productivity and profitability for one industrial blasting and coating services contractor servicing the petrochemical, industrial and energy

Recent OSHA regulations, project timelines tightening and supply shortages heightened their concerns about the true cost of waste slag abrasives. GMA’s Technical Experts organized a performance trial for the client that mirrored their project requirements; and compared GMA NewSteel™ to a well-known coal slag brand.

The results were clear – GMA’s garnet abrasive delivered 71% higher productivity at 15% lower cost and 50% lower abrasive consumption – showcasing in real-time the immediate rewards of switching from waste slag to a premium garnet abrasive.



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