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GMA presents at "Sustainable Practices for Surface Preparation" event in Saudi Arabia

In a special event organized by the AMPP Dhahran Saudi Arabia Chapter, in collaboration with GMA, experts and professionals from the oil & gas, maritime, and shipbuilding sectors gathered to explore "Sustainable Practices for Surface Preparation." The event served as a hub of insights, discussing trends and introducing the newest innovation to the Middle East - GMA ToughBlast™.

The seminar delved into the latest trends in the abrasive blasting industry, addressing pressing issues such as coating failures, heavy metals in abrasives, and the waste management of used abrasive media. The event also explored advancements in blasting equipment and presented GMA's strategic responses to these industry trends.

GMA CEO Grant Cox welcomed all to the event, highlighting the company’s ongoing focus in supporting customers throughout the Middle East, and globally, to achieve their best work “on time, and on budget.”

“We do this at GMA by focusing on innovation to improve our products and services, and by continually improving the value we create for our customers in bringing high quality products to the abrasive blasting and waterjet cutting industries around the world,” he said.

A key highlight of the event was the introduction of GMA ToughBlast™️, GMA’s specially engineered blend designed for the toughest coating removal jobs, to the Saudi market. The unique blend of both alluvial and hard rock garnet optimizes blasting performance, especially in industrial maintenance for shipyards, refineries, and tank farms.

Through the technical presentation, hosted by GMA’s VP of New Market Development and Technical Management, Pete Mitchell, attendees gained a closer look at different types of abrasive media, understanding properties like hardness, density, toughness, and angularity that play a role in choosing the right abrasive. The spotlight was on toughness, showcasing how GMA Garnet's tougher grains create a cleaner surface compared to other options that may shatter prematurely.

“There are hundreds of abrasives on the market, but when you try to pick an abrasive, what are you actually looking for?” Pete asked the audience.

“At GMA, we know you need productivity, we know you need to consider the environmental impact and safety risks to your workers, we know you need to consider the cost of disposal, and we know you need the quality of substrate – which is huge,” he continued.

“What is it you are changing? Blasting is a destructive process to the surface – you want to change it to something that is better and that the coating will adhere to.”

The presentation reinforced the connection between abrasive choice, metal surface quality, and the coating's lifespan, highlighting the role of abrasive size in meeting surface preparation specifications, and emphasizing that larger particle sizes help achieve the desired surface profile.

The collaborative seminar became a knowledge-sharing platform, offering professionals in the industry valuable insights into sustainable surface preparation. The introduction of GMA ToughBlast™ marked a significant shift in how experts approach abrasive blasting, showcasing a commitment to efficiency and environmental responsibility, and as attendees left the event, they carried not just new knowledge but also an appreciation for innovative solutions that enhance performance while prioritizing environmental considerations.