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GMA ToughBlast™ engineered innovation for the toughest coating removal jobs

For over three decades, GMA has been producing the highest quality premium products from our own sources of Almandine garnet - known for its natural hardness, durability and abrasive characteristics. 

Beyond quality, we are constantly striving for new ways to add value to our customers’ business by developing innovative products that are fit for purpose while maximising productivity and performance of their operations.

One of the focus areas of our research was the effective removal of tough coatings. Following extensive testing using different blends of garnet from our multiple deposits across the globe, the unique blend of both alluvial and hard rock garnet was found to be ideal for a ‘cut and clean’ approach to removing tough coating jobs. 

The ‘cut and clean’ method requires a perfectly engineered blend of angular hard rock garnet to remove resilient industrial coatings, and the durability of our sub-angular alluvial garnet to sweep off any remaining surface contaminants. The combination creates an impeccably prepared clean surface and profile for coating treatments. 

After months of rigorous trials and testing, our Sales and Technical teams in USA formulated and engineered the ideal blend - GMA ToughBlast™ garnet. It delivers fast coating removal and a quicker clean at the lowest possible consumption rate which ultimately delivers a better total cost solution.

Since the release of GMA ToughBlast™ in the US market, the product has gone from strength to strength and is now approved by major paint manufacturers, oil companies, shipyards, international fabricators and defence industry. 

The unique blend of both GMA's alluvial and hard rock garnet is ideal for tank exteriors, liners, rail car facilities, water towers, waste or water treatment facilities, and general maintenance.

GMA ToughBlast™ is one example of GMA’s continued pursuit for innovation. Throughout our 35 years history, GMA has led the advancement of garnet abrasives for blasting applications and has partnered with customers, industry, universities and government to research and develop products that deliver for our customers’ specific performance requirements.

Ultimately, GMA’s product development aims are about improving productivity which reduces costs, safeguarding people and equipment and extending industrial asset life.

If you would like to know more about how GMA ToughBlast™ can help your business achieve your goals, contact us on or your local sales representative in your area.   

By Anthony Burns, Perth




GMA ToughBlast™ garnet. It delivers fast coating removal and a quicker clean at the lowest possible consumption rate.