Product Range

Confidence in every cut

GMA waterjet garnet is recognized as the industry standard among manufacturers and operators of waterjet cutting machinery.

Product Range

Confidence in every cut

GMA waterjet garnet is recognized as the industry standard among manufacturers and operators of waterjet cutting machinery.

The world’s most popular waterjet garnet

GMA waterjet abrasives are engineered for peak performance, accuracy, and speed. Refined over 40 years alongside industry experts, our products are the first choice of operators who demand ultra-precise waterjet cutting.

GMA’s world-class processing facilities guarantee every batch contains consistent-sized grains of the purest garnet, ensuring steady abrasive flow, reduced consumption, and less downtime for maintenance and parts replacement.


The GMA advantage

GMA GarnetTM is a strong, natural mineral that outperforms other garnets due to its unique properties and our advanced processing methods, refined over 40 years. Unique grain hardness, toughness, density, and angularity ensure perfect edge quality on any material with a thickness of up to 30 inches.

Engineered for precision cutting

GMA’s range of waterjet cutting abrasives strikes the perfect balance of cutting efficiency and edge quality for results that improve production uptime.

Optimum hardness

The harder the grain, the better it cuts. Our garnet is hard, tough, and dense – the perfect combination for effective cutting, with low abrasive consumption and excellent edge quality.

Consistent grain sizing

Inconsistent grain sizing causes blockages, creating unsteady abrasive pressure and flow, fluctuating cutting speed, and poor edge quality.

Our processing methods ensure every bag contains the most precisely-sized grains of garnet, accelerating your production, and reducing the frequency of expensive parts replacement.

Cleanliness and purity

Dusty, dirty, or impure garnet impacts cutting performance, causing inconsistent pressure, frequently blocked focussing tubes, or even damaging the parts being cut. However, GMA’s advanced processing methods produce the cleanest garnet for the cleanest results.

Why is GMA Garnet™ the preferred waterjet abrasive?

Achieve the highest production rates and a perfect result on the first cut.


Consistent quality

Each bag of GMA Garnet™ contains the highest percentage of the purest, accurately-sized almandine garnet — up to 98%.


Reduced consumption

Our garnet balances high cutting speed and perfect edge quality while extending the operating life of your waterjet equipment.


Sustainable resource

Our garnet recovery programs offer a cost-effective and environmentally responsible solution for the disposal of used garnet.


Secure supply

GMA is the only global garnet supplier to control its supply chain from source and processing to international distribution.

Waterjet abrasive for all applications

GMA offers a range of crushed and alluvial almandine garnet grades for any waterjet cutting operation.

GMA ClassicCut™ 60

Our coarsest alluvial garnet for the most challenging waterjet operations including thick, brittle, or hard materials such as titanium, steel, and tungsten.


60 mesh

Focusing tube

1.27 mm


0.407 - 0.457 mm

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GMA ClassicCut™ 80

The trusted, most versatile waterjet abrasive choice for precise waterjet cutting. Delivers the optimum balance of cutting speed and precision edging.


80 mesh

Focusing tube

0.762 - 1.02 mm


0.245 - 0.356 mm

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GMA ClassicCut™ 120

High-precision alluvial almandine garnet abrasive for waterjet cutting with high edge quality and accuracy on delicate or tight tolerance parts.


120 mesh

Focusing tube

0.508 - 0.762 mm


0.178 - 0.254 mm

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Waterjet parts

GMA carries a full range of reliable, high quality, low wear parts for a variety of leading waterjet cutting machines. Optimize your waterjet cutting performance.

ROCTEC™ nozzles
Diamond, tetracore, ruby & sapphire orifices
Connecting parts

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