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“When you are out of the door, there is always the window”

In 2016, GMA established a business liaison relationship agreement with Shinji Ichima, President of  J-Win Corporation, to work with GMA to grow market share in Japan.

Having worked with sister companies within the Jebsen & Jessen Group in a business liaison capacity in Japan for over 34 years we knew we were in safe hands with Ichima San!

The President of J-Win Corporation is well-known for his smart deal-making, energetic salesmanship and tactical agility. He was often applauded for his "ability to crawl back in through the window when he has been thrown out the door".

J-Win used its deep knowledge of doing business in Japan to connect GMA with customers he believed would be long-term partners. Ichima San believed that finding the right customers was vital to help GMA grow our garnet sales for the waterjet cutting and abrasive blasting industry. His ability to establish business relationships with key distributors such as Koatsu Gas is a major reason GMA has achieved growth in Japan. 

Within three years, our market share in Japan has grown significantly, thanks to the groundwork Ichima San and his team put in to create awareness of GMA Garnet™. He has also helped GMA establish relationships with customers that we are confident will be long-term business partners. A great achievement Ichima San and his team should be proud of, and one that GMA very much appreciates.

In June this year, the liaison partnership agreement between GMA and J-Win concluded, and Ichima San is looking forward to finally winding down his long and successful business career. I would like to personally thank Ichima San for the support and guidance he gave me over the last two years. In particular on how business is done in Japan, and for introducing me to some of the finest food I have ever eaten! Tokyo is a great city.

On behalf of the team at GMA, we thank you Ichima San, for your significant contribution to our success in Japan, and we look forward to building on the foundations you help built for many years to come.

We wish you and your family health and happiness in the years ahead.


By Iain Simpson, GMA Asia Pacific