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Top utility tank maker in Saudi Arabia prefers GMA Garnet

For more than 10 years, GMA has been the trusted supplier of Gulf Specialized Works (GSW) in providing high quality GMA Garnet™ and Arabian Garnet™ products.

The high performance garnet abrasives are for blast cleaning of carbon steel plates and structural materials.

In addition to abrasive quality, GSW receives a consistent supply of garnet abrasives which is promptly delivered throughout the year. Moreover, these natural mineral abrasives leave minimal impact on the environment and can be reprocessed for reuse several times.

Established in 1994, GSW is the leading innovator of manufacturing solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

 The company has five integrated divisions, comprising of Skids, Weld Overlay and Cladding, Structural Steel, Storage Tanks, and Process Equipment.

GSW offers a wide range of specialized products and services to companies in the petrochemical, oil, gas and utilities sectors. The company is also the leading manufacturer in utility tanks.

It uses the most advanced design and manufacturing technology to build and deliver up to 15,000 metric tons per annum.

The-Garnet-Edge-E3-GSW-750x500GSW uses GMA Garnet™ and Arabian Garnet™ products for blast cleaning of carbon steel plates and structural materials.



TGEASathyanBy Arun Sathyan, Garnet Arabia Company