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JetTalk: Three ways to secure your production

Whether you run a large waterjet cutting operation or a smaller job shop, you want your daily operations to be seamless, without machine downtime or not having enough garnet to complete the job. Here are three ways to secure your production.

Guaranteed Quality

Top quality abrasives with the highest garnet purity boost cutting performance. It enables you to run your machine at the fastest cutting speed.

GMA Garnet™ not only has the highest purity, but it is up to 30% harder than other garnets. Moreover, the abrasives are consistent in sizing and do not contain other materials, which may reduce
cutting performance.

GMA has been providing GMA Garnet™ to the global waterjet cutting industry for over three decades. Using world-class garnet processing technology, every batch of our product contains highly accurate sized grains of the purest almandine garnet. Having full control of our production from mine to machine differentiates us from other garnet producers as we can maintain the consistent quality of every bag of garnet.

Therefore, you can be confident to run your waterjet cutting machines at peak performance seamlessly with minimal equipment downtime.

Secured Supply

The last thing you want happening in the middle of your cutting project is to run out of garnet, and not knowing when the next order will be delivered to you.

Having an established and secured supplier reduces the risk and gives you peace of mind. You are confident that your order from GMA will be delivered at a reasonable time frame.

As a vertically integrated garnet producer, GMA has full control of the supply chain. Over the years, we have maintained a secure and stable supply of garnet to our customers, especially during the global supply shortage in recent years.

We can do so as most of our quality products come from our mines and processing plants in Australia and the USA. We have also established garnet processing and recycling facilities in Europe, the Middle East and the USA. Our processes are ISO certified and meet stringent international standards.

Distribution and Technical Support

GMA Garnet™ products are distributed in more than 80 countries, from our warehouses and an established network of over 100 distributor outlets. We want to be near our customers to deliver their orders promptly and to provide technical support on site.

Our team of waterjet experts supports customers in solving technical challenges and develop ways to maximize productivity and increase the performance of their waterjet machines. Contact us today!


TGEKLauritzen By Kjeld Lauritzen, GMA Europe

Note: Some products are  available in certain regions only. Please check with our Sales Teams.