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Three GMA employees reach 15-year milestone


Congratulations to Riccardo from GMA Europe, Stacey and Kalvin from GMA Mining Australia for achieving 15 years of service at GMA. Thank you for your loyalty and dedication to the Group.  By Kristina Kothe, GMA Europe & Belinda Burrows, GMA Mining Australia


Riccardo Cinquini

Some people have a fear of selling. But for Sales Manager Riccardo Cinquini, it is his passion.

Riccardo looks after his customers in Italy where he is based and beyond in Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia. He is also responsible for developing the business and identifying new markets and product applications.

Sales may not always be a walk in the park, but traveling to different places, meeting new people, finding solutions for GMA and its customers, and receiving positive feedback from customers all make Riccardo’s job rewarding at the end of the day.

“What I like about GMA are the people, organization and drive,” Riccardo said.

The-Garnet-Ege-E4-Stacey-300Stacey Jerrard

Described as committed, dedicated, and reliable by her managers and colleagues, Administration Officer Stacey Jerrard has been working “behind the scenes” at GMA in Geraldton, Australia for the past 15 years.

Her daily responsibilities include front desk duties, stationery orders, accounts receivable, uniforms, purchasing, trucking coverage, and shipping coverage. It may sound overwhelming juggling so many different tasks, but Stacey’s high spirit and go-getter attitude have allowed her to shine in her role.

Co-worker Evelyne says, “Congratulations on achieving your 15 year milestone! I'm glad that we are working together in our shared role.”

Kalvin Ryan-Holmes

They say that the best leaders are humble leaders. Kalvin Ryan-Holmes, who recently became a supervisor at the Geraldton dry plant in Australia, fits the description to a T.

Kalvin originally started as a Plant Hand. He then moved into an OHS Coordinator role and contributed significantly in building a safety culture within the team.

A big advocate for mental health in the workplace, Kalvin oversees the production crew at the dry plant. He finds joy in sharing his knowledge and helping others become successful in their roles. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why he’s been at GMA for 15 years (and counting!).

“Working at GMA has given me an opportunity to work in a team environment which I enjoy,” Kalvin says. “Being part of a team environment and being able to help other employees and see them grow in their roles at GMA is why I am still at GMA.”