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The Golden Voice of GMA

For the past 10 years, customers ordering garnet via our Houston office may have been greeted by a deep, friendly voice. The golden voice belongs to Jay Moores.

Jay joined GMA's Inside Sales team in May 2008. Our customers warmed up to his distinctive humour and radio voice in no time, and this has helped him build a strong rapport with his customers. In the years that followed, Jay was instrumental in developing sales for the West Coast of the USA.

As the West Coast market began to grow, Jay expanded his responsibilities and looked into the logistical needs of the company. He spent time researching and negotiating better pallet rates, and passing the cost savings to our customers.

Over the years, Jay continues to grow with GMA and has assumed a permanent role in the logistics team. As Logistics Coordinator, Jay manages the logistics requirements for the West Coast and sales from our mine in Montana.


Paul Warden

By Paul Warden, Houston