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Warm, nutritious dinner for families at RMHC

The GMA team lent a helping hand in preparing a warm dinner for families who are staying at the Ronald McDonald House (RMHC) in Perth, Western Australia in March this year.

The 'Home for Dinner' programme invites groups from the community to come in and prepare a meal for the families staying at RMHC. The team’s family members and friends of GMA were also invited to help out in the RMHC kitchen. 

Our group was supervised in the kitchen by the delightful Irish chef Louise. Together, we whipped up a delish menu of lamb wraps, chicken katsu, risotto, salad, sausages and buns, with brownies, chocolate mousse and fruit salad for dessert. Gordon Ramsay would have been proud!

“What a humbling experience our team had just encountered, preparing and serving dinner to families that are doing it a little tougher than us right now, both emotionally and physically,” GMA Asia Pacific Sales Administrator Emma McCarthy said. 

“I am particularly grateful that I could share this opportunity with my 16 year-old daughter as GMA encourages our families to be a part of this community initiative. Thank you GMA!”.



By Clinton Ward-Horner, GMA Group