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Terry enjoys working with machines

Terry Smith, 15 years of service 

Terry Smith is real family man and loves spending quality time with his wife, children and grandchildren.

That’s how he joined GMA 15 years ago in April 2003. The Group’s mining operation in Port Gregory is close to where he lives which allows him to stay close to family, friends and the country lifestyle he enjoys, especially boat fishing in Port Gregory.

Today, he is a Level 3 Operator managing dozers and excavators and he is happy to remain in this position even though he was offered the position as Leading Hand. With his wealth of experience and sound advice, Terry has supported many new starters to become part of GMA. 

A typical day for Terry involves working with a dozer to push out tails, ramps on stockpile ore or product piles to ensure the area is safe for dump trucks to operate. 

He also maintains benches of ore and the stockpile area, always leaving the area the excavator has worked on neat and tidy for the next operator. 

Terry is passionate about football and proudly led the Reserves to a premiership win in his 2-year presidential stint at the Northampton Football Club. 



By Belinda Burrows, Geraldton