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Sustainable management of used garnet

General Manager Florian Baumann from CUTCUT is focused on exploring innovative ways in improving operational efficiencies and sustainable management of resources and waste material for the company.

The family business which was founded in 1997 is the leading specialist in hi-tech waterjet cutting, metal processing, surface treatment and laser engraving in Austria.

Over the years, they have become a reputable and experienced provider of waterjet cutting services for single customised pieces and mass production for a strong customer base in Austria, Germany and beyond.

“As our business continues to grow, our goal is to manage our operations economically and sustainably,“ Florian said.

“One area of concern for us is to manage our used garnet waste responsibly as part of our sustainable supply chain management. In fact, we have attempted to reprocess our used garnet for re-use in other applications, but we were not successful.”

Since then, the company began working with GMA for a garnet supply and waste disposal solution. After a period of careful planning, both companies implemented an efficient process where GMA delivers GMA Garnet™ to CUTCUT and collects used garnet from the facility for the return trip.

“We have finally found GMA, a partner who meets our requirements in managing our used garnet responsibly at a reasonable cost,” Florian said.

“This shows that it is not impossible to run a sustainable business which is also profitable, but a challenge we can overcome.”



TGEMRepert By Martin Rebert, GMA Europe