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Siva celebrates 15 years of service with GMA

If you’ve ever been to the GMA’s plant facilities in Dubai, UAE and noticed how well-maintained the place is, then Siva Prasad is one of the employees you’ll have to thank. 

Having served as a cleaner and office assistant for the past four years, he takes pride in keeping his workplace spotless. 

Siva joined GMA as a Plant Worker in 2005. 

According to his supervisors, Siva is always glad to take on additional responsibilities at the plant when needed. An ever dependable employee, he celebrates 15 years of service with GMA this year and it is certainly a noteworthy achievement, and one that he feels proud of. 

When asked what he likes about the company, Siva lists GMA’s distinguished reputation, the management team, and teamwork as his top three answers. He adds that although he misses his family back in India, he wishes to continue working at GMA for many more years. 


By Dharmesh Tala, GMA Middle East