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Ryan, the skydiving Plant Manager

Ryan Moses - 10 years of service

If you were to walk into GMA’s Fairless Hills facility in Pennsylvania, USA and asked for the most adventurous employee there, you would most likely be given the same name: Ryan Moses.

Ryan goes skydiving every weekend. Instantly hooked after his first jump, Ryan got into his daring hobby thanks to his deep love for aviation.

He also has a private pilot license and tries to fly every few weeks to keep his skills sharp. 

When he’s not flying or jumping out of airplanes, Ryan can be found hard at work at GMA. As a Plant Manager, Ryan is responsible for managing the daily operations of our garnet processing plant in Fairless Hills, USA for the past 10 years.

Managing a plant and flying a plane may seem like two very different things, but Ryan believes that his weekend activities have helped him become better at his job.

“Flying is very detail-oriented. We use a lot of checklists and written procedures and I’ve applied the same practices to our operations here,” he says.

When asked what he likes most about working at GMA, Ryan cites his team, watching the company evolve, and being able to help employees grow professionally.

“I have a passion for problem solving and creating a work environment where employees are treated fairly and can thrive,” Ryan adds.

Shipping & Packaging Manager Sean Daisey agrees. “Ryan is a great example of an intelligent leader and a kind person. I feel that I have learned a lot from him, not just my job, but being the best person I can be.”   


When Ryan is not flying or jumping out of airplanes (top picture), he can be found hard at work at GMA or with his beautiful familiy.


  By Deena Reimer, GMA Americas