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Contract cutter expands business by offering  polycarbonate protective screens

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Europe last year, many contract manufacturers including CutCut in Austria experienced drastic cuts in their waterjet cutting operations.

At one point, their daily business was virtually non-existent.

“We began exploring new product solutions, especially products that were urgently needed during the crisis,” General Manager Florian Baumann from CutCut said.

The company identified protective screens as a critical product that were required in shops and businesses offering essential supplies. Within a very short period of time, CutCut started producing polycarbonate protective screens for countertop and mobile partitions using waterjet cutting and GMA ClassicCut™ 80 garnet abrasive. In addition, their new product line includes table positioners and signages.

“Our know-how on protective enclosures and housings, coupled with our flexibility in producing a new product line enabled us to respond effectively to the market needs and turnaround our business operations,” Mr Baumann said.

“Nevertheless, our focus was to help keep our community safe.”

The-Garnet-Edge-E4-CUTCUT-750 The polycarbonate protective screens for mobile partitions.



 TGEMRepert By Martin Rebert, GMA Europe