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Our People: Alan and Christian

Alan White

When it comes to operating heavy mining equipment (HME), there’s no one more suited for the job than Alan White from our mining operations in Port Gregory, Australia.

Alan who is fondly known as Tonka first learned to operate a dump truck before moving on to the loader, digger, dozer, and grader. He has since become a subject matter expert (SME) on all HME except for the loader and is often tapped to train other operators.

As much as he enjoys digging dirt (his favourite machines are the digger and dozer), Tonka says that the best part of his job is the people and the good environment at GMA.

Christian Rodan

Anyone who has worked with Christian Rodan would agree that he is suited for the job. He works as a Leading Hand and Safety Rep at our Wet Plant in Port Gregory, Australia.

Christian always makes sure that he is working as a team member and that he contributes to a safe shift and workplace. He also served as a fire rescue volunteer during the Waroona-Yarloop fires in 2016.

So, what has kept Christian going all these years? According to him, GMA is a “really great company to work for.” Thanks to the work-life balance, he looks forward to going to work each day.



TGEBBurrowsBy Belinda Burrows, GMA Mining Australia