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Not 3 but 5 tanks in 30 days

Blast cleaning three 15m (50 ft) diameter, 9m (30 ft) sidewall tanks – both the inner and outer surface areas, including the floor in 30 days can be challenging, even by an experienced blasting contractor.

Especially when the job site in Spring Hill, Tennessee, is within an electric car manufacturing environment that is extremely sensitive to dust and noise. A total of 11 tanks were located next to the main cooling towers. Any contamination of dust or debris in the water may cause plugging in the coils and affect the entire plant. However, a contractor managed to complete not three, but five tanks within 30 days.

The contractor was able to get the job done quickly by using the most advanced wet blasting equipment supplied by BlastOne and GMA ToughBlast™ garnet abrasive. In fact, this alternative blasting method and abrasive type were new to the contractor. He has never worked with the equipment, and being a slag user — he was hesitant to try an unfamiliar abrasive product.

To demonstrate that GMA ToughBlast™ is the better abrasive, the BlastOne technical team worked out the projected substantial cost savings by using less abrasives due to the product’s high performance; less cleanup with a lower volume of waste disposal. It also aligned with the site’s strict regulations that were governed by its zero-landfill policies. In addition, the BlastOne team conducted a blast cleaning demonstration for the contractor before delivering the equipment to the site.

Since then, the contractor has been awarded to work on more tanks as well as catwalks and other steel structures due to GMA ToughBlast™’s low dust emission with minimal residue on the ground. Moreover, the site management is pleased with the use of an environmentally friendly mineral which increases the level of safety on site and in the environment.

Beautiful blast and paint work on one of the tanks.

Productivity wise, the contractor has in fact, completed the five tanks one day ahead of their 30-day timeline.

By Jim Gooden, BlastOne International

GMA nominated for Best Waste Diversion Initiative at MEWAR Awards

GMA was nominated for Best Waste Diversion Initiative (Private Sector) at The Middle East Waste & Recycling Awards (MEWAR Awards) held in Dubai, UAE, in November 2021.

"We were recognized for our garnet waste management and recycling initiatives in te Middle East region," GMA Middle East General Manager Giresh Ragoowanshi said.

GMA was one of the top five companies that were shortlisted for the award. It recognizes private companies that have significantly contributed to making a positive difference with suitable waste diversion strategies and recycling initiatives.

Launched in 2018, the MEWAR Awards acknowledge excellence in business best practices, promote knowledge sharing and innovation, and provide a benchmark for performance, industry recognition and professional credibility, all of which will act as drivers for sustainable growth in the region.

By Hemanshu Dawda, GMA Middle East