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New bulk handling plant in Jubail

Garnet Arabia Company (GAC) launched a new bulk handling plant in Jubail, Saudi Arabia on 7 March 2018.

The 3,500m2 facility has the capacity to store and package up to 36,000 tonnes of loose bulk GMA Garnet™ from our Australian mining and processing operations. 

“The launch of the new bulk handling plant is timely due to the increased frequency of bulk shipments coming into Jubail to meet the growing needs of the Saudi and Kuwait markets. The shorter lead times will enable us to provide quicker delivery of our garnet products to our customers to support their project requirements,” said GAC General Manager Soni John. 

The opening ceremony was attended by CEO Stephen Gobby and CFO Grant Cox from GMA, and Director Mohammad Al Suhaimi and Director Khalid Al Madi from our joint venture partner - Global Suhaimi. 

During the event, Asharq Al Baeid Contracting was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for their excellent work on the construction of the plant. 



By Sibin Abraham, Jubail