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“My customers keep me on my toes!”

After two decades of service with GMA, Anne Coghlan can’t believe it has been 20 years since she joined the UK office.

“I put that down to working with a bunch of friendly people, and some interesting customers who like to keep me on my toes!“ Anne said.

Anne joined GMA in July 1997 after moving back to Cheshire from the South of England. She came on board as a part time secretary to John Halewood who was the UK Manager. Over the 15 years of working with John, her role has become full time with increased involvement in sales and technical enquiries.

Since 2012, Anne has been working as Inside Sales with current UK Manager Mike Crowe and she manages the internal sales and daily operations of the office.

Mike has nothing but praise for Anne’s contribution to GMA:

“I have worked with Anne for five years, which is a lot less time than Anne has been with GMA! I can honestly say that Anne is a font of all knowledge for the UK waterjet and sandblasting business. She knows all the customers, and is 100 percent reliable and very professional in dealing with them. Moreover, customers including myself find it easy to communicate with her due to her easygoing nature”. 

Prior to GMA, Anne worked for an established unit trust company, a well known photography products manufacturer and a riding school. Her passion for horses was passed down to her daughter and she spends a lot of time looking after ponies/horses and attending shows.

In her spare time, Anne enjoys gardening, DIY (it never ends) and walking. She is also a volunteer for British Eventing as a fence judge.



By Kristina Kothe, Hamburg