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More than just a job

*Australian football

Clive McCagh - 20 years of service

Keeping GMA’s garnet processing plant in Geraldton, Australia running smoothly each day is no easy feat, but Clive McCagh helps get the job done.

Celebrating two decades of service last year, Clive joined GMA as Plant Hand in July 1999. He was later promoted to Plant Operator and now fulfills the role of Leading Hand. He had also served as a fill-in superintendent for about two years, and was given the opportunity to assist with the commissioning of the Fairless Hills plant in USA.

For him, working at GMA is more than just a job. “I have had some really great times and made some lifelong friends both past and present,” Clive says. 

“GMA has gone through some huge change over my time of 20 years, from small beginnings to a global heavyweight. So, thanks to each and every one I have come into contact with over the years.”

His colleagues are grateful to him as well. “Clive is a hardworking person who you can rely on in a crisis,” says Ryan Holmes. “He puts the team first, and he is a true friend. It has been a privilege to work with him.”

Clive is a golf enthusiast and loving father who enjoys watching Carlton* win (which isn’t very often) and spending time with his family. 


By Belinda Burrows, GMA Mining Australia