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GMA Middle East recently attended the 2023 EcoWASTE Exhibition and Forum, held in Abu Dhabi, as part of this year’s World Future Energy Summit.

The forum and exhibition explored how waste management is becoming more sustainable - “embracing circular principles, and where this is not possible, exploring zero landfill options, such as waste to energy initiatives.”

With GMA Middle East opening its first recycling plant in 2004 - the first of its kind in the region – the summit provided an opportunity for the team to highlight the ongoing development of sustainable programs, and the commitment to continue to expand environmentally friendly products and solutions through to Azerbaijan, Qatar, Iraq and India.

During his visit to the Middle East, GMA Group CEO Grant Cox spoke at the Forum, discussing GMA’s garnet recovery programs and the ongoing commitment to the research and development of garnet waste management and recycling technology for the future.

ecowaste1 CEO Grant Cox and Eng. Ali Mohamed AlDhaheri (CEO of Tadweer- Abu Dhabi Waste Management Company)

“We’ve been garnet recycling for over 20 years now and we are always looking to get more efficient.

“We are investing in research and development around our processing technologies to make sure we are more energy efficient in our processing and in our garnet that we extract from the used garnet we collect - the more we extract the less goes into landfill.”

The GMA Middle East team look forward to taking part in the next World Future Energy Summit, April 2024.