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Maintaining a consistent supply of GMA Garnet™ in the Middle East during the COVID-19 pandemic

In May this year, GMA Middle East in Dubai received one of the largest bulk shipments in their history of 18,000 metric tonnes under challenging conditions.

During that time, the region was battling with the COVID-19 pandemic by implementing social isolation, lockdowns, curfews and travel restrictions. Most companies had temporarily ceased operations or ran on a skeleton crew. Moreover, the operating hours were also shorter due to Ramadan – the Islamic holy month of fasting.

Despite these challenges, our teams worked hard to ensure our GMA Garnet™ abrasive supplies remained available for customers in the region throughout the pandemic.

The entire process from vessel discharge, and the delivery to the GMA warehouse was seamlessly executed thanks to our employees’ efficient teamwork, and the cooperation between GMA and our long-term logistics partners.  

The-Garnet-Edge-E3-MiddleCoviddelivery-750x500Smooth discharge of 18,000 metric tons of GMA Garnet™ at the port in Dubai.

“I would like to thank DP World and everyone at the quayside for the excellent coordination right from berth allocation on vessel arrival and ensuring sufficient gangs for a smooth discharge operation during such difficult and challenging times. Their support is very much appreciated,” GMA Middle East General Manager Giresh Ragoowanshi said.



TGEHDawda By Hemanshu Dawda & Dharmesh Tala, GMA Middle East