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Looking through the hourglass

“Looking back, 10 years have passed quicker than sand running through the hourglass. Sometimes I wonder, where has the time gone?”

It has never crossed Mara Reiter's mind that she will be working for GMA for a decade and with many more years to come. 

Back in 2008, Mara was ready to re-launch her career and take on new challenges after the birth of her son. She joined GMA Europe team in Frankfurt as Customer Service Representative. Mara was impressed by the company’s global footprint and the team spirit at GMA.

“It felt like the right place to be. When I became more familiar with GMA Garnet™ and the waterjet and blast cleaning industries, I was entrusted with more responsibilities, one step at a time,” Mara said. 

Today, Mara manages account receivables ensuring the prompt payment of invoices which can be challenging at times. However, she takes all these in her stride and quips that perhaps her Italian heritage enables her to get along, especially with her clients from Italy. 

“I am looking forward to being part of the team for years to come, and I do believe that our high quality garnet and spare parts will not run out of stock!”. 


Photo from left: GMA CEO Stephen Gobby, Mara & International Product Manager - Water Jet Parts Tiziano Cher from GMA Europe.

By Kristina Kothe, Hamburg