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Kjeld’s 15-year journey with GMA

Kjeld Lauritzen lives close to his office in Aabenraa, Denmark.

However, he is always on the road as he looks after customers from different countries in Europe. Kjeld was responsible for customers in Denmark, Norway and Finland when he joined GMA in November 2002. Today, he has successfully extended his customer base to the whole of Scandinavia, Poland, the Baltic States and parts of the Netherlands.

Kjeld’s 15-year journey with GMA was not without challenges. Besides meeting his performance targets, he was responsible for penetrating and building new markets where GMA was not represented while balancing his family life over his constant business travels.

According to him, the constant travels actually works to his advantage:

“I get new inspirations and a lot of information about the different markets. These are absolutely necessary for the future growth of these areas."

Over the years, Kjeld has built good relationships with his customers, business partners and colleagues alike.

"I enjoy working with GMA as I see the Group’s keen efforts in continuous product development and growth of the business,” Kjeld said.

“I feel comfortable with all my wonderful colleagues throughout the Group, and I experience good cooperation in our team, and good support from a responsive and competent management."

GMA would like to wish Kjeld every success, and a smooth journey towards the next 15 years.



By Andreas Höfner, Hamburg