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Kevin enjoys his tasks and challenges at work

15 years of service

A reliable GMA employee for the past 15 years, Kevin Atkins makes sure that everything is running smoothly at the garnet processing plant in Geraldton, Western Australia each day. 

The Leading Hand can also be found mentoring his workmates, sharing his knowledge of the plant and machines. Having dabbled in other trades before joining GMA in early 2005, Kevin stayed on with GMA and remained dedicated to his role. 

“I enjoy my job and all its challenges,” he says. 

He also enjoys being surrounded by positive people at work. For Kevin, his coworkers have become his second family, as can be seen from the inside jokes they share. 

“Thanks to ‘Kevi’ for teaching me everything I know, but you still annoy me sometimes,” Brent banters.

“Should be still looking after the plant,” Juppy jests.

Aside from spending time with his family, Kevin has an interest in motorbikes and enjoys fishing.


Kevin enjoys being surrounded by positive people at GMA. 



By Jacqueline York, GMA Mining Australia