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Keep the plant running

If someone asks what Peter Turner does at GMA, he would probably say: 

“I keep the plant running.” 

For over 20 years, Peter has been shouldering the important task of keeping the dry plant running in Geraldton, Australia. As a Maintenance Supervisor, his daily responsibilities include preventive maintenance, plant upgrades and improvements to ensure the plant is running at its optimum level. 

He is constantly thinking of how things can be improved or modified to increase the efficiency of the plant. 

Peter recalled a challenging time in 2008 where they experienced significant energy shortage due to an explosion in the gas plant at Varanus island. The incident caused a major disruption to the natural gas supply in Western Australia.

“To maximise our limited energy supply, we made some modifications to the main plant dryer by installing a combustion chamber which enables the fuel to combust more efficiently,” he said.

"Besides the huge energy savings, we managed to significantly reduce our carbon emissions and extend the life span of the dryer barrel - an additional savings on maintenance costs." 

To his colleagues, Peter is an open and honest workmate who enjoys the company of others. He is very approachable and easy to work with. 

“The people here are a good bunch to work with. I am also very grateful for the way GMA looked after us when I went through some difficult times with my family,” Pete said.   


By Belinda Burrows, Geraldton