Waterjet Cutting Tech Tips

JetTalk: Reduce your abrasive consumption by installing this cost saving tool

Your garnet abrasives make up the majority expense of your waterjet cutting operating costs.

Therefore, it is vital that you optimize your abrasive consumption by installing an abrasive regulator, also known as an abrasive mini hopper. Positioned above the cutting head, the abrasive regulator is designed to receive abrasive via a feed hose from a separate abrasive pot.

The abrasive regulator delivers the precise amount of abrasive you require to the cutting head at maximum speed – the flow rate is typically between 25 to 30kgs (11 to 13lb) per hour.

By adjusting the abrasive flow, you can potentially increase the productivity and profitability of your cutting projects. Moreover, the abrasive regulator helps prevent abrasive clogs that can cause stoppage and damage expensive material.


Advantages of using an abrasive regulator:
  1. Reduce abrasive consumption by having the ability to adjust the precise abrasive flow required.
  2. Fine tune the amount of abrasive delivered to the cutting head instantly by using a turn dial.
  3. Switch abrasive settings easily between cutting different materials and thicknesses.
  4. Fast delivery of abrasive and consistent flow to the nozzle.
  5. Easy monitoring of the abrasive level.  

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