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JetTalk: A match made in heaven ( Part II)

In Match Made in Heaven Part I, we discussed the basics of waterjet cutting and examined how and why using GMA Garnet can drastically improve the performance of your abrasive waterjet cutting operation. We will now explore why garnet abrasive is most relevant to certain type of materials, and which waterjet machines are best suited with GMA Garnet.
How does the quality of garnet used affect a waterjet cutting application?

High quality abrasive delivers consistent cutting performance. The ideal waterjet abrasives have the heaviest particles that the water stream can accelerate to maximum velocity and thus generates the maximum cutting force.

The key to waterjet cutting operations is to choose an abrasive with high purity, accurate sizing and reliable quality to achieve excellent cutting performance. It is important to note that not all garnet is the same. GMA Garnet consists of natural alluvial particles that are much harder than garnet sourced elsewhere. It is less friable with better cutting speed and power which improves your project’s productivity.

When it comes to the long-term profitability of a waterjet cutting operation, it is vital to focus on the cutting speed and consumption per minute. GMA Garnet cuts quicker and consumes less volume compared to substitutes. Moreover, GMA Garnet creates less wear and tear on your cutting equipment and increases the longevity of your focussing tubes, thus reducing overall equipment maintenance.

What materials can abrasive waterjet cutting cut?

Abrasive waterjet is an extremely viable and powerful process. With the right settings and perfect combination of pressure, water and garnet, you can cut any material. The high precision and flexible cutting process are suitable for a variety of materials and thickness of up to 300mm.

Garnet abrasive waterjet can cut hard materials like carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, ceramic, granite, marble, glass and composite, carbon fibre and Fibreglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP).

Which machines are best suited for use with GMA Garnet?

In general GMA Garnet can be used for all waterjet cutting machines. We are well known because of our availability of garnet supply globally and consistently sized, high quality garnet. Leading waterjet cutting manufacturers recommend GMA Garnet to their customers as we are customer focussed and technical experts in the waterjet cutting industry.

Today, waterjet cutting machine manufacturers offer a wide range of advanced and modern machines. New products such as FIVE-X Cutting heads, 3D cutting components, 6,000 bar HP pumps and MicroJet cutting machines are specially designed to cut materials at high precision with extreme tolerances.

Having a consistent flow of garnet abrasive is a key requirement for waterjet cutting. Smooth delivery of garnet into the cutting head is a critical component for an uninterrupted waterjet cutting operation. A well-regulated and consistent feed of quality garnet will result in a tighter, more cohesive cutting stream that produces a high quality edged cut and reduced overall garnet consumption.

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