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How many garnet grains are there in 1Kg?

Can you guess the number of garnet grains in one kilogramme* of SpeedBlast™?

The answer is 44,545,055 individual garnet grains!

Attendees from last year’s  Australian Corrosion Association’s (ACA) Applicator Day took up the challenge in guessing the number garnet grains in a jar. The jar contained 1kg of SpeedBlast garnet or exactly 44,545,055 individual grains, which were counted at the GMA laboratory in Geraldton, Australia.

To give participants a better chance of winning, they were given a guessing range between 44 to 45 million. With a Weber Barbeque, of their choice up to the value of AUD$800, going to the person who submitted the closest guess.

The winning guess came from Daniel Siavoshian, Managing Director of Chemstuk, whose guess was 44,554,569 garnet grains.

The ACA Applicator Day, organised by BlastOne International Pty Ltd was held at MIRRAT House in Port Melbourne, Australia on 27th November 2019 as part of the ACA’s annual Corrosion & Prevention conference.  

The GMA booth showcased GMA’s blasting abrasives that are available in the Australian market, which include GMA PremiumBlast™, GMA SpeedBlast™ and GMA NewSteel™.

Blasted steel plates with different blast grades were presented, allowing customers to see the surface finish and profile achievable with each product.


The winning guess came from Daniel Siavoshian (middle) flanked by Alan Godinho (left) and Saravanan Madavamani (right) from GMA Asia Pacific.


By Alan Godinho, GMA Asia Pacific

*1kg is around 2.2lbs