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Hemanshu – the Waterjet Spares Specialist

Ask Hemanshu Dawda about a specific waterjet spare part, and he can most likely tell you the part number off the top of his head. In fact, he can even tell you if the part is available in stock!

That is reflective of the level of dedication Hemanshu has towards his job as Manager-Waterjet Division for GMA Middle East.

According to his colleague Ajay Thanki, Hemanshu knows hundreds of waterjet spare part numbers by heart, as well as the stock balance without having to check the inventory.

“This is also one of the primary reasons GMA remained the first choice for our customers for over a decade,” Ajay added. Over a span of 15 years, Hemanshu has fostered good business relationships with his customers, and ensures that they select the right parts for their machines in addition to prompt deliveries and after sales support.

Looking back, Hemanshu joined GMA in 2003 as Administrative Assistant. He was responsible for managing exports, documentation and customs which involves liaising with Free Zone and local civic authorities as well as customers.

“During that time, we were also looking for someone to manage the waterjet spares business and other support functions. Hemanshu stepped up to the challenge and demonstrated total dedication to building and growing the business,” Ajay said.

Today, Hemanshu is responsible for the waterjet market in the Middle East, Egypt, India and Commonwealth of Independent States countries.

“On behalf of GMA, I would like to thank Hemanshu for being a key player and his total dedication to the work entrusted to him,” GMA Middle East General Manager Giresh Ragoowanshi said.

“Congratulations on achieving this significant milestone.”

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By Jignesh Bhatt, Dubai