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Good people, respect for the environment

Melanie Diaz-Blanco, 15 years of service 

Since joining GMA in 2004, Melanie Diaz-Blanco has met so many nice people from around the world. In fact, she came to know some of them very well after all these years. 

In her role as Disposition & Purchase Coordinator Water Jet Parts, Melanie is responsible for procuring waterjet parts, managing inventory, processing requests, researching, forecasting and reporting. 

As she is responsible for purchasing, Melanie is constantly communicating with parts suppliers, manufacturers and accounts managers. 

Besides the friendly work place, Melanie is happy to work for a company like GMA that respects the environment. A standout memory for her was the opportunity to attend our sister company’s 100 years of Jebsen & Jessen celebration at the Chamber of Commerce in Hamburg in 2009. 



By Kristina Kothe, Hamburg