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GMA sponsors Woman's Country Week Cricket

Under the scorching summer heat - 40°C and above, seven teams across regional Western Australia competed in the Women’s Country Cricket Tournament held in January this year.

The players travelled from the Pilbara in the north and Kalgoorlie and Esperance in the central and south regions. The heat did not deter the players from performing their best with a solid display of cricketing talent during the three-day tournament.

GMA was one of the major sponsors of the tournament that was hosted in Geraldton. The winning team – Geraldton A, won the match by 10 wickets. Amanda Gundry and Stacey Jerrard from GMA also played in one of the Geraldton teams while Lizy Kelly volunteered in scoring the games throughout the competition.



TGELKelly Lizy Kelly,  GMA Mining Australia