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GMA reconnects with key partners in Japan

For the first time since Covid-19 restrictions have lifted, the GMA Garnet Asia Pacific sales team travelled to Japan and re-established a face-to-face connection with our key partners, Koatsu Gas Kogyo and Sumiko Air.

Taking the opportunity to discuss GMA’s plans for growth in the region and highlighting new applications and products potentially beneficial for their
company, GMA welcomed the visit, and the chance to meet face to face General Manager of Koatsu Gas Kogyo, Takayoshi Ekawa and his team.

“It was very exciting for us to be in Japan to reconnect with our local partners, our first trip since the shutdowns due to Covid-19,” Chris Manger, GMA Sales Manager, Asia Pacific, said.

“It was my first meeting with the Koatsu Gas Kogyo and Sumiko Air teams where we were able to discuss the market conditions, customer needs and
opportunities for growth in new and existing applications. Based on our mutual goals as well as the market knowledge and the enthusiasm of the Koatsu Gas Kogyo and Sumiko Air teams, I’m confident that this partnership will continue to prosper.”

Flynn Cowan, General Manager International Sales and Marketing, GMA Garnet Group, agreed, praising the warm hospitality offered throughout the trip.

“I personally gained fantastic insight when meeting with the teams at Koatsu Ga Kogyo and Sumiko Air and appreciate their long and loyal business with GMA. We are looking forward to continuing to service them and grow our collective business in Japan,” he said.

“A big thank you to their General Manager Ekawa-san and the rest of the teams at Koatsu Gas Kogyo and Sumiko Air for their generous hospitality throughout our visit.”