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GMA receives approved vendor status by Kuwait Oil Company

GMA has been selected as one of the approved vendors of abrasive material for surface preparation for Kuwait Oil Company (KOC).  

Based in Ahmadi, Kuwait, KOC is a subsidiary of the government-owned holding company, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation. The company’s business portfolio includes exploration, drilling and production of oil & gas within the State of Kuwait, as well as the storage of crude oil and delivery for export to tankers.

To qualify as a vendor, GMA Garnet abrasives were tested in accordance with KOC’s stringent pre-qualification requirements. The test methods included pre-qualification categories governed by the following international quality standards: 

  • Conductivity (ISO 8502-6&9)
  • Surface profile measurement (NACE RP 0287)
  • » Dust test on steel surface prepared for painting (ISO 8502-3).

The test results revealed that GMA Garnet abrasives met KOC’s requirements.

KOC has announced the discovery of a new oil & gas field in the western part of Kuwait. According to a press statement to the country’s state news agency in March this year, preliminary tests suggest the new field in the al-Jathatheel region will provide a significant boost to the country's resource reserves.


By Soni John, Garnet Arabia Company