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GMA presents the important aspects of abrasive blast media at Hempel seminars

The GMA team has presented the important aspects of abrasive blast media at the Hempel Coatings Technology & Corrosion Seminars held across America, Europe, and Singapore this year.

GMA Americas, led by VP of New Market Development, Pete Mitchell has presented at eleven classes with Hempel across the USA and Trinidad over the last few years.

Currently in their second round of classes in 2023, Pete discussed the topic of ‘Effects of abrasive on surfaces finish.’

“Last year I presented ‘Abrasives and their properties’ which was an overview on the various properties and characteristics of abrasive and how that varies the result in the blast.

“This year we are discussing the ‘The Effect of abrasive on surfaces finish,’ taking a closer look at how the abrasive can physically change the surface as well as effect the overall coating performance,” he said.

In April, the GMA Europe team presented an engaging seminar held in Milan, Italy.

GMA Europe’s Riccardo Cinquini delivered a comprehensive presentation on the function of abrasives during blasting and the performance of different abrasives. He then explained how the shape and hardness of the abrasives affect coating performance including the importance of abrasive cleanliness.

To finish the first half of the year, GMA APAC team presented in front of 100 attendees in a seminar in Singapore. The attendees were from Engineering, QA/QC and Projects/ Maintenance background with a keen interest to learn more about paints and corrosion.

The focus of these educational seminars is to impart and enhance knowledge of the principles of corrosion control through protective coatings. Delivered by certified and experienced industry professionals, the open forum provided a platform for participants to discuss and address current corrosion issues and challenges.

Hempel-APACGlobal Marketing Manager, Anthony Burns addresses the audience at the Hempel seminar in Singapore