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GMA PremiumBlast™ for the world’s tallest Ferris wheel – Ain Dubai

Ain Dubai – the world’s tallest and largest Ferris wheel in Dubai, UAE officially opened in October 2021.

Located on Bluewaters Island, the record-breaking observation wheel stands at 250m (820ft) – twice the height of the London Eye. Each leg of the wheel is 126m (413ft) high – long enough to fit 15 London buses – while each spoke is longer than a full-scale football pitch. In addition, the weight of the assembled hub and spindle is equivalent to four A380 aircraft.

The construction of Ain Dubai, which was estimated to have cost AED$1 billion (US$270 million), commenced in May 2015. During the surface preparation phase, over 9,000 tonnes of steel were efficiently cleaned using GMA PremiumBlast™ garnet. According to the blasting contractor, it was important that they chose the best quality garnet abrasives in the market for this project.

In addition to delivering a cleaner surface and the right profile for optimal adhesion, abrasive consumption was low at only 13kg/m2 (2.66lb/ft2) per square meter/square foot. Therefore, one tonne of GMA PremiumBlast™ effectively cleans 77m2 (828ft2) of surface area.

Project Performance using GMA PremiumBlast™
  • Productivity: 13kg/m2 (2.66lb/ft2)
  • Surface area cleaned per tonne: 77m2 (828ft2)
  • Total garnet abrasive consumption: 1,700MT.

The Ain Dubai is open to visitors during the day and at night. The ride that lasts 38 minutes offers a breathtaking 360-degree view of the urban skyline. The giant wheel has 48 air-conditioned passenger cabins that can carry up to 1,750 visitors.


In 2014, GMA Executive Chairman Torsten Ketelsen (right) visited the project’s fabrication yard operated by Denholm Yam in Abu Dhabi. The company was in charge of the entire fabrication work for Ain Dubai. Torsten inspected the huge cylindrical structure – one of the Ferris wheel’s legs.

“During the visit, Torsten provided guidance on how to use GMA Garnet™ effectively to produce good surface cleanliness, low consumption and negligible dust while blasting. Using GMA Garnet™ protects the blaster, reduces project costs and benefits the environment, a quality reflection of the perfection of Ain Dubai,” GMA Middle East General Manager Giresh Ragoowanshi said.



By Giresh Ragoowanshi & Ajay Thanki,
GMA Middle East