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GMA Middle East support UNISOAP UAE

2.3 billion people across the world have inadequate access to basic hygiene services, including soap and water at home, and yet millions of soap bars are discarded from hotel rooms across the world every year.

GMA Middle East recently partnered with social enterprise Goumbook to help narrow that gap, by contributing to the Unisoap UAE campaign.

Through this campaign, landfill-bound soap from the hospitality industry, is sanitized, reprocessed, and packaged. It is then distributed to vulnerable populations.

GMA’s General Manager Middle East, Soni John  reinforced the importance of sustainable processes and reducing landfill across the region.

“As a company that has been recycling garnet abrasive in the UAE for around 20 years, we truly believe that it is important to maximize the resources we have available," he  said.

"We at GMA are proud to have the opportunity to partner with Unisoap UAE and Goumbook in this initiative. A soap may seem like a small thing to throw away, but it can do more good by being saved from the landfill, and shared with people who need it.”

Members of the GMA team in Dubai were taken on a tour of the local facility where the soap is reprocessed, after which they packed 400 soaps to be distributed during the holy month of Ramadan.

To find out more on the Unisoap initiative visit