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GMA Middle East plants Seeds of Sustainability

To begin the 2024 new year, the GMA Middle East team participated in an eco-conscious team-building event, planting 40 mangrove trees in the tranquil forests of Ajman, UAE.  

Organized by Goumbook as part of its "Trees Matter" campaign, the effort was more than just a symbolic gesture—it marked GMA's 40-year journey. 

As the team paddled through mangrove waters, their connection to the environment deepened. This effort went beyond a simple tree-planting exercise. Immersed in the act of planting, they learn the profound impact it holds.  

"Planting mangrove trees not only helps combat climate change but also provides habitat for wildlife, and improves air and water quality,” said People & Sustainability Manager, GMA Middle East, Farrel De Souza. 

“It was a rewarding experience for us to get our hands dirty and make a tangible impact on the planet, contributing to the preservation and restoration of coastal areas, as well as achieving an estimated sequestration of 12,320 kg of CO2 over the lives of the mangrove trees we planted.

“Our commitment to this initiative extends beyond the shores of Ajman—it aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 13, 'Climate Action.' This effort also supports national initiatives, including the UAE Net Zero by 2050 climate neutrality strategic initiative, and the UAE’s goal to plant 100 million mangroves by 2030.”  

Connecting this initiative to GMA's broader commitment to sustainability, Soni John, General Manager, GMA Middle East, shared, "Our practice of land rehabilitation, specifically in our mined areas, mirrors the essence of this mangrove-planting activity.

"Seeds collected from the environment are propagated, planted, and nurtured to ensure ecosystems return to their natural state. This long-term approach minimizes our environmental impact and supports biodiversity." 

As GMA celebrates 40 years, this initiative reflects the team's ongoing commitment to making a positive impact for the next 40 and beyond. 

Read the Impact Report 

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