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GMA Middle East offers cost effective disposal of used garnet for GASCO

Abu Dhabi Gas Industries (GASCO) is one of the world’s largest gas processing operations and generates approximately 5,000 tonnes of industrial waste each year that ends up in a landfill. 

The environment team at GASCO were searching for sustainable alternatives to this conventional waste disposal approach, in support of the company’s policy to reduce their environmental footprint and promote resource conservation. 

After meeting with GMA Middle East, GMA collected 90 tonnes of used garnet from GASCO for recycling at GMA’s reprocessing facility. Once reprocessed, the garnet is then delivered into various industries and repurposed into a range of applications.

This initiative has delivered substantial financial benefits to GASCO in direct costs related to transporting and disposing of used garnet.  In addition, by reusing a non-renewable resource and prolonging its lifecycle, GASCO has improved the sustainability of their operations.

The success of the garnet recycling initiative has led to a contractual agreement where GASCO’s used garnet will be recycled by GMA for the next three years.  

Furthermore, satisfaction with the recycling programme has resulted in GASCO advocating presentations on used garnet recycling from GMA to GASCO's holding company - ADNOC group of companies.  The Group produces a variety of oil and gas products, derivatives and petrochemicals as well as support and services.  

GMA Business Development Manager Ajay Thanki’s presentation on “Garnet Waste Management beyond Disposal” was extremely well received with two more companies signing up for this programme.

GMA has also participated in the 2nd HSE week organised by Trakhees, a regulatory arm of Dubai World & Jebel Ali Free Zone Environment, Health & Safety in March this year.

GMA Middle East General Manager Giresh Ragoowanshi delivered a presentation on how businesses in the Free Zone can reduce their carbon footprint and minimise environmental impact. Giresh touched on the benefits of environmental responsibility and sustainability by utilising the best available garnet recycling practices in the Free Zone and in Dubai.  

“At GMA, we see the benefits and the growing demand for garnet recycling. We work together with our customers to improve their commercial outcomes while minimising impact on the environment,” said Giresh.

“By recycling, we are also maximising the lifespan of our garnet resources,” Giresh added.


By Stephanie Cheong, GMA Group