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GMA farewell’s Torsten Ketelsen


In June of this year, GMA’s founder and outgoing Executive Chairman, Torsten Ketelsen, officially retired from the Board of Directors of GMA. Torsten has been the driving force of GMA for over 30 years and will certainly be missed by all.

I, like so many of my colleagues at GMA, will be forever grateful to Torsten for his leadership, mentorship and opportunities he has provided for the people he has worked with over the journey.

With such an important milestone, it was fantastic to get the opportunity to celebrate Torsten’s retirement with some of our teams and with GMA’s Board of Directors.

Torsten, on behalf of the entire GMA team, I would like to congratulate you on such an outstanding career and wish you well for a well-earned retirement, and lots of interesting ventures and adventures in the coming years.
Grant Cox, CEO, GMA Garnet Group


A message from Torsten

It has been an amazing journey for GMA over the past three decades, developing a global market for GMA Garnet abrasive products and building the fully integrated support infrastructure for mining, production, distribution and recycling wherever in the world we operate.

I was incredibly fortunate to have had so many outstanding and dedicated people at every level of our global operations, joining me on this journey - from the early humble beginning in the mid-eighties to today’s global market leader position. All of you have always believed in our product and shared our dream. You have provided inspiration and the energy to overcome all obstacles and setbacks to achieve our incredible success.


The business is in good and safe hands to build upon. A solid foundation to continue to prosper and expand, to meet market demand and support our loyal customers worldwide with the highest quality abrasive products and genuinely caring and professional customer service.

As a new chapter in my life starts, with a new focus and new aspirations, I shall forever be grateful for the support everyone of you have so generously provided and the many enduring friendships that have developed over the years.

Thank you for the many good wishes I have received from you from right across the global operations. I wish you and your families a very happy and prosperous future.

torsten and grant

Torsten Ketelsen
Founder, GMA Garnet Group