Abrasive Blasting Events

GMA Europe attends SLV Event

The GMA Team in Europe conducted a technical training demonstration on different types of blasting of abrasives and their properties at the Corrosion Protection Academy at SLV, in Duisburg, Germany.

The SLV Duisburg offers an extensive program of training and further education in all areas of welding and joining technology, as well as material testing and surface technology.

The event was attended by product planners, contractors, and survey inspectors who were keen to know more about cleaner and sustainable alternatives to conventional blasting media.

SLV-Duisburg-6Presenter: GMA Europe Department Manager- Blast Division, Steffen Glade

Throughout the demonstration the GMA team discussed the advantages of natural abrasives, including:

  • faster cleaning with increased productivity of up to 30% higher
  • low emissions during blasting
  • lower disposal costs with minimal impact on the environment

In addition, the GMA team conducted hands on blasting demonstrations with some of the participants who have never used or experienced GMA Garnet™.

The feedback was very positive. The participants were very impressed by the speed and the surface cleanliness of the blasted surface.

The GMA team would like to thank all participants and their great interest in GMA Garnet™.



TGESCheong Stephanie Cheong, GMA Europe