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GMA celebrates new chapter with office opening in Saudi Arabia

In a significant development for the industrial sector in the Middle East, Garnet Arabia Company (GAC), a joint venture company of GMA, has inaugurated its new office in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. The office is strategically located in Majd Square, a newly built commercial hub in the city, enhancing accessibility for both customers and suppliers.

The grand opening, held on April 30, was marked by the presence of GAC's Board of Directors, including Mohammed Sulaiman Alsuhaimi and Faisal Mosaad Alsuhaimi, alongside GMA CEO Grant Cox and CFO Luke Anderson. The event was also attended by GAC management and employees, celebrating this milestone together.

Reflecting on the significance of the new location, Soni John, General Manager of GMA Middle East, stated, "This marks the commencement of a new chapter for our joint venture corporation in Saudi Arabia. We are grateful for the continued support and cooperation from the GAC Board of Directors and are excited about the future prospects this collaboration holds."

The new office not only signifies a strategic expansion but also highlights the region's robust growth over the past few years.


Garnet Arabia Company (GAC), a joint venture company of GMA, has opened its new office in Jubail, Saudi Arabia


The GAC team has been actively involved in several high-profile projects including Saudi Aramco's Marjan Oil Field Development, Berri Gas Project, and newly launched Jafurah project. The Waterjet business is also booming due to execution of projects like NEOM, Dirriya, Red Sea Development, King Salman Park, among others.

Moreover, GMA is strategically diversifying its portfolio by entering the Marine and Ship repair industry, this year introducing its innovative GMA ToughBlast™ and ExtremeBlast™  product lines to the region.



From Left - GAC's Board of Directors R: Faisal Mosaad Alsuhaimi and Mohammed Sulaiman Alsuhaimi, with General Manager of GMA Middle East Soni John, GMA CEO Grant Cox and GMA CFO Luke Anderson.


“The new office in Jubail represents not just a physical expansion but a broader strategic intent to deepen GMA’s presence in the Middle East and contribute to its economic growth,” said GMA CEO Grant Cox.

“It is indeed an exciting time for GMA as we embark on this new journey, as the start of a new chapter for our GAC joint venture we are poised for further growth, success and innovation in the region.”