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GMA Garnet and Barton International Agreement

GMA Garnet Group and Barton International have entered into a supply and distribution agreement for supply of GMA’s line of GMAX products to surface preparation applications in the Gulf Coast region of the United States.

This distribution agreement increases the availability of GMAX, some of the most productive, cost effective, and safest blast abrasives ever produced.

This distribution agreement between these two companies will provide additional avenues for contractors, asset owners, and surface preparation professionals to source GMAX for their abrasive blasting requirements. Experts and application specialists from both organizations will be available to support the efficient, effective, and safe use of these products.

GMAX products to be distributed by Barton will be produced in GMA’s world-class US processing facilities, to the exacting standards of both organizations. As providedunder the distribution agreement, the packaging of these products will proudly carry the logos for both companies and will be available through the Barton warehouse and dealer network. This aspect of the distribution agreement will provide for the sale and distribution of these products in the Gulf Coast region.

“With demand for productive, safe, and cost-effective blast abrasives increasing by the day, ensuring the availability of GMA’s innovative GMAX abrasives is more important than ever,” said Rod Liebeck, President of GMA Americas.

“Having Barton International as part of our distribution network, with their knowledge and experience, will bring great value to blasting operations in the US Gulf Coast region.”

“For decades, Barton has led the efforts to expand the use of garnet in surface preparation applications,” said Randy Rapple, President and CEO of Barton International.

“The distribution agreement with GMA enables us to bring more high quality, safe to use garnet blast media to clients throughout the Gulf region.”

In recent years the surface preparation industry has been searching for more productive, cost effective and safer abrasives. Products such as waste slags have been popular for decades, but concerns over poor surface cleanliness, high consumption rates, and serious health and safety issues have caused the industry to seek alternatives. The GMAX line of garnet abrasives are an engineered blend of garnets that address those issues while providing increased productivity and lower total project costs.