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GMA Americas welcomes ODELMAR vessel into Coos Bay

GMA Americas has reached another operational milestone by offloading 30,000 metric tons of garnet concentrate. The ODELMAR merchant vessel set sail from South Africa and docked at the newly upgraded Coos Bay facility in Oregon this February. 


“This strategic move allows us to have a strict control over every aspect of the delivery process, ensuring the highest abrasive quality products to our customers,” said Leonard Perrier, VP of Operations, GMA Americas. 


“We’ve implemented strict sampling protocols during the offloading process and can guarantee that only the highest quality materials are used in manufacturing our abrasive.”



ODELMAR merchant vessel at GMA's newly refurbished Coos Bay dock. 



Leonard continued to highlight the newly upgraded port as an essential operation in GMA America’s overarching sustainability strategy.


“By eliminating the need for trucking from a local commercial dock to the new facility, GMA expects to reduce their carbon footprint in the region,” he said. 


“This initiative not only supports our sustainability goals  but also contributes to a global effort across all GMA facilities to minimize environmental impact.”


GMA's Group People and Sustainability Manager, Cameron Sargeant reinforced this initiative, highlighting the company's commitment to sustainability going forward.


“GMA is committed to pursuing innovation and strategies that align with our sustainability goals and enhance our operational efficiency,” he said. 

“Welcoming the shipment into Coos Bay highlights strong operational benefits and has the opportunity to assist in these sustainable goals for GMA as we look to the future.”  


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